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Computer vision

Algorithms Expertise Domain


Document Identification

Image Discovery, Detection and Template Matching on:

  • Boxes, Lines, structured and unstructured Tables.
  • Words/Paragraphs disseminate, Barcodes.
  • Logos, custom Features, Edges.


Image Enhancement

  • Character Restoration (e.g. Dot-Matrix in-filling),  Enhance dotted text.
  • Line Removal but preserve objects(characters) that intersect lines.
  • Image Deskew (detect skew of image).
  • Noise Removal without affecting other image details wanted (preserve coma and dot of letters).
  • Background removal.
  • Colors homogenize.
  • Remove uninteresting things (eg. background and characters) on image and preserve only things we wanted (eg. Lines, tables).
  • Colors, Contrast, Brightness/Luminosity adjustment.
  • Automatic Contrast and Darkness Adjustment.
  • Edge Sharpening and Detection.
  • Deskew image with skew detected.(rotate to normal/vertical position expected).
  • Image Filters.


Image 3D Reconstruction and Stereo Vision

  • Calculate angle between two relative identical images.
  • Image rectification and calibration.
  • Virtual image reconstruction by two stereo images.
  • Dens and sparse deep mapping.



  • DNA sequencing alignment.
  • Burrows–Wheeler transform.
  • Prefix trie and string matching.